My Copycat

Cutest of all and jumping around my way,

One who knows everything I have to say.

Mimicking my expressions to laughing on my clumsiness

But the one who fills my heart with happiness.

My Talking Tom with childlike innocence,

Knows to irritate me in any situation.

Copying my words and using them as an owner;

And I will be smirking, somewhere in a corner.

No surprise, that I try to do tit-for-tat;

But I cannot beat my Copycat!



Tiny abstractions

Tiny little things that I remember and mingle,

Especially when I am lost in my mind’s jungle.

That insignificant randomness which turns into perplexing parallel universe,

Sometimes, is a blessing and sometimes becomes a curse.

Some leads to itsy-bitsy joys and some reminds dreadful floe.

Intermittently, I need to find, where it actually flows

I close my eyes and tell my wondrous abstract mind,

Life is short, to make it worthwhile,

Forget the scary lines and choose to shine!!