Own Glory

I am evolved, evolved for a greater good.

I am changed, changed for better!

I laugh, I cry, I run, I wait…learning what to do when.

I am growing day by day, every now and then.

Every moment comes with a surprise, connecting dots to many more lines.

They made me who I am, continuing towards sunshine.

Overwhelmed by my own story,

I will shine in my own glory!





Blessed Princess

Walking in the memory lane and back to present;
With smiling lips and wet eyes, at the perfection of Omnipresent.
If prayers and wishes are unlikely shattered;
Oh! That is the way of fulfilling them even better!
When the heart is full of blissful dreams;
They are realized more perfectly like boundless streams.
Life is always a bed of roses,
It’s just about the horizon that your eye sight crosses.
Took years to solve this game of puzzle,
This overwhelmed player is now going to dazzle.
Pleasantly surprised with the greatness of you !
Oh Lord! this blessed princess bows her head to you.

मेरा परिंदा

फिर से उड़ चला मेरा परिंदा, लेकर मान मे आस
ढूंढता हुआ अपना आशियाना, जहाँ प्रीत हो उसके पास

सब के मान को जीत लिया पर अपना मन है उदास
दिल भी उसका टूटा लेकिन हुई ना कोई आवाज़

दुनियादारी जाने है पर दिल उसका नादान
चाहे अपने जैसा ही हो, ये सारा ब्रह्मांड

अपनी चाहत साथ लिए और लेकर मान मे आस,
फिर से उड़ चला मेरा परिंदा, पंख उसके विश्वास