Wondering On a Random Rainy Day!

With a cup of coffee on a random rainy day,
Looking out of office window and I wonder!
Why are we caged in this cement-concrete jungle?

With every monsoon season I wonder!
Why do we sit in cubicles?
Why can’t we rush and enjoy the thunder?

Oh beautiful nature! What we have done to you!
Made a generation of smartphones and dumb people,
Living far away from you.

Even if we wish to come out of this blunder,
How to break this vicious circle I wonder!

Why am I still standing here, I wonder!
If I can’t dance and get drenched in rain,
Let me go around and enjoy the sprinkles.

Puppet Show

Lost in the crowd of acquaintances around,
Sometimes I miss myself.
Enforced to wear the mask of idealism,
Sometimes I miss myself.
When the choices are between your mind and heart,
Sometimes I miss myself.
When the little child cries out inside me,
Sometimes I miss myself.
Draped in the unexplained compulsions,
Sometimes I miss myself.
When the laughter is replaced by fake smiles,
Sometimes I miss myself.
Performing the puppet-show to please others,
Sometimes I miss myself.


जी ले इस तरह

सितारों कि बारात में  चांदनी कि तरह,
फूलों के गुलसिते में गुलाब कि तरह
दमकते रहो इस जहाँ में तूम, 
किसी रानी के सरताज के कोहिनूर कि तरह!

जिले ये सारे दिन इस तरह, 
रात कभी देखी ना हो जिस तरह
उम्मीद कि किरणो के साथ चलता जा इस तरह,
हार ने दस्तक कभी दी ना हो जिस तरह!

तूफ़ानो से लड़ते आये है इस तरह, 
हिमालय से डटने का होंसला हो जिस तरह
इरादो में हो तेरे बुलंदी इस तरह,
पर्वत चीर के निकलती है नदी जिस तरह

कभी जो हो जाये गुमशुदा खुद से तोह,
कोई अपना मिल जाये आईने कि तरह
दुआ रहेगी हर लम्हा यही कि, 
रब मेहरबान रहे बरसते बादल कि तरह.

Love Is In The Air!

The glimpse of someone makes you blush,

With the beating heart  you are standstill there,
You know, Love is in the air!!

Standing in a crowd and feeling of loneliness,
Waiting everyday with a hopeful flair,
You know, Love is in the air!!

All you want is life long togetherness,
And the semblance of oneness is thumped up there,
You know, Love is in the air!!

That blissful feeling while sitting beside,
No words are there but a stare,
You know, Love is in the air!!

Being with your alter ego, a second self,
And the two are inseparable  there,

You know, Love is in the air!!

That’s the age of 25!

The age which reminds you of your teens,
Not in the energy but in the mindset;
That’s the age of 25!
Realization of standing at a cross road,
Knowing the time is to take a turn;
Yet you close your eyes to dream about a magical blow;
That’s the age of 25!
The whole world seems to be worried about your day tomorrow,
And so your inner soul;
Yet your smiling lips help to confuse them;
That’s the age of 25!
Looking back to college days and the thought of old pals,
Missing all badly;
Yet convincing yourself for new faces around;
That’s the age of 25!
The questions of early 20’s are answered,
And so you’re a street smart now;
But the child inside your heart still wants to jump around;
That’s the age of 25!
Nevertheless, this whistle blowing in mind,
Life is full of miracles in line;
Still creating moments to laugh out in future time;
That’s the beauty of 25!

A Day In Mysore :)

Bells of alarm wake me up from a deep sleep,
Eyes are still filled with last night dreams,
Yet don’t wish to leave my cozy bed n cute teddy,
Oh! I love this lovely morning!

Sun rays are glowing my face from the window behind,
Snoozed alarm says, Wake up oh girl! Its your office time,
Brush, bath n rushing for a hot sip,
Yet I love this lovely morning!


Running downstairs and  cant resist to feel proud there,
My lovely yellow scooter becomes its reason everywhere,
Kick start and run to attend the morning call everyday,
Oh ! I am heading for a wonderful day!

 Evening time and I am returned back,
My small beautiful house is waiting there,
It reminds me of little cute houses in fairy tale,
Oh! I love this wonderful place!

Standing in the balcony and enjoying the rains,
The cold breeze gives me goose bumps everyday,
How I wish the mysoriee weather follows me everywhere,
Oh! I will always remember this wonderful place! 

Blessed Princess

Walking in the memory lane and back to present;
With smiling lips and wet eyes, at the perfection of Omnipresent.
If prayers and wishes are unlikely shattered;
Oh! That is the way of fulfilling them even better!
When the heart is full of blissful dreams;
They are realized more perfectly like boundless streams.
Life is always a bed of roses,
It’s just about the horizon that your eye sight crosses.
Took years to solve this game of puzzle,
This overwhelmed player is now going to dazzle.
Pleasantly surprised with the greatness of you !
Oh Lord! this blessed princess bows her head to you.

मेरा परिंदा

फिर से उड़ चला मेरा परिंदा, लेकर मान मे आस
ढूंढता हुआ अपना आशियाना, जहाँ प्रीत हो उसके पास

सब के मान को जीत लिया पर अपना मन है उदास
दिल भी उसका टूटा लेकिन हुई ना कोई आवाज़

दुनियादारी जाने है पर दिल उसका नादान
चाहे अपने जैसा ही हो, ये सारा ब्रह्मांड

अपनी चाहत साथ लिए और लेकर मान मे आस,
फिर से उड़ चला मेरा परिंदा, पंख उसके विश्वास