It is Teacher’s Day and my best wishes to all those people in my life who have inspired me and also, to those who directly or indirectly affected my life and made me learn some important lessons. With this, I would like to share all this lessons I have learned till now from my experiences and observations…



We are living in a time when our set of friends would change in every few years. Most of us are going to live in different cities due to change in college, new job or any other personal reason. This is a hard fact that we can’t avoid. But in each group of friends, we will get at least one close friend who will remain with us for the rest of our life. The beauty here is that each one of those friends would be unique and different, whom we met at different phases of life. They will help us to see the world in different perspectives and ultimately making our life even more eventful !!! Never leave them.

Family and Relatives

Love your family members with all your heart but stay aware about the fact that they are also changing with time and we need to accept that change. Respect their individuality and they will love you back 🙂
As for relatives, connect with those who actually care about you. Don’t raise your temper for those famous “Char Log” because what they think is non of your business and anyway not under your control.


True love never dies- that is what we all have read/heard all the time. Well, it would be true in a way that you would always want the other person to be happy whom you have loved deeply. But when it comes to relationships, to love is good but to love and to be loved is essential to go ahead. Otherwise, soon you are gonna explode and feel like slapping yourself for wasting all that time to run behind a mirage! Go and get life..
Do not take it for granted if you are blessed to have a loving, caring and understanding person by your side. Feel blessed and thank God each day, your love will increase in leaps and bounds 🙂
And if you are still waiting for THE ONE, anyway he/she will find the way to reach you and till then, enjoy madi !!!

Hobbies and your passion

This is my favorite section 🙂 
Getting into your hobby or passion after you turn 40 is a good thought. You will make it happen if your will power is strong and you are fit enough to take it further for next 20-25 years. But what if you find yourself in a situation where your health is degrading due to urban life style or you have entered into some family situation which is not allowing you to do so?? or simply you die before turning 40??
Today is the day my friend !! (Courtesy: ZNMD)
You wont get time anyway, you need to consciously spare it to follow your heart.


Eh! what to talk when I am the one who used to get scared of finance subjects !! Thanks to my dad who is my 24*7 helpline in money matter. Eventually I have developed a thumb rule for that..

35% Spend on daily needs
15% Savings
20% Hobby and travel
20% Invest
5% timepass kharcha
5% charity when you get a chance
Interest, profits and unexpected inflow: Buy Luxury

That is all the simple math I have to share 🙂
I will stop here and wish that by next year I will have more to add upon!


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