Bells of alarm wake me up from a deep sleep,
Eyes are still filled with last night dreams,
Yet don’t wish to leave my cozy bed n cute teddy,
Oh! I love this lovely morning!

Sun rays are glowing my face from the window behind,
Snoozed alarm says, Wake up oh girl! Its your office time,
Brush, bath n rushing for a hot sip,
Yet I love this lovely morning!


Running downstairs and  cant resist to feel proud there,
My lovely yellow scooter becomes its reason everywhere,
Kick start and run to attend the morning call everyday,
Oh ! I am heading for a wonderful day!

 Evening time and I am returned back,
My small beautiful house is waiting there,
It reminds me of little cute houses in fairy tale,
Oh! I love this wonderful place!

Standing in the balcony and enjoying the rains,
The cold breeze gives me goose bumps everyday,
How I wish the mysoriee weather follows me everywhere,
Oh! I will always remember this wonderful place! 

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