Tomorrow’s light

When lights are dim and winds are cold,

When terrains are unknown and paths are lost,

When darkness is dancing and stars are sleeping,

When those vague thoughts are building a palace of fears;

Don’t find reasons o’ dear mind, just trust Him with all your heart!

Don’t need to know all now o’dear mind, just know this will not last.

Stay blessed, stay calm and all will be alright when you see tomorrow’s light!

via Daily Prompt: Vague


The spring is here!

Late evening and bright sunshine kissing my cheeks, I know the spring is here!

Tiny first flowers smiling on grounds, I know the spring is here!

Little sparrows came back to sing chirpy songs, I know the spring is here!

A charismatic show of cherry blossoms, I know the spring is here!

Cold breeze getting inefficient against warm sunlight, I know the spring is here!

I got my wings again!

Risks that I chose to take and battles that fought,

Decisions that I took and lessons that I was taught,

Paths that I followed and new trails that I made,

All came together to create my fate.


Distress that was faced and situations that were strange,

But his love for me was never changed.

Family that supported and acquaintances that helped,

Always I wanted to run away from people who faked.


I am calm, I am happy and proud for everything I gained,

Hola! I am back in the game,

And I got my wings again!






Own Glory

I am evolved, evolved for a greater good.

I am changed, changed for better!

I laugh, I cry, I run, I wait…learning what to do when.

I am growing day by day, every now and then.

Every moment comes with a surprise, connecting dots to many more lines.

They made me who I am, continuing towards sunshine.

Overwhelmed by my own story,

I will shine in my own glory!




My Copycat

Cutest of all and jumping around my way,

One who knows everything I have to say.

Mimicking my expressions to laughing on my clumsiness

But the one who fills my heart with happiness.

My Talking Tom with childlike innocence,

Knows to irritate me in any situation.

Copying my words and using them as an owner;

And I will be smirking, somewhere in a corner.

No surprise, that I try to do tit-for-tat;

But I cannot beat my Copycat!


Tiny abstractions

Tiny little things that I remember and mingle,

Especially when I am lost in my mind’s jungle.

That insignificant randomness which turns into perplexing parallel universe,

Sometimes, is a blessing and sometimes becomes a curse.

Some leads to itsy-bitsy joys and some reminds dreadful floe.

Intermittently, I need to find, where it actually flows

I close my eyes and tell my wondrous abstract mind,

Life is short, to make it worthwhile,

Forget the scary lines and choose to shine!!



Said that solitude is dangerous.
Yes it is,
For the one with abstractions,
As it gives that freedom!

That freedom to be spontaneous,
That freedom to live in chaos,
That freedom to be just stupid sometimes.

Sometimes just to be child and demand for no reason,
Sometimes just to get silent for all yourself,
Sometimes just to feel the way you want to feel,

To feel without any negation of your feelings,
To feel even when you know its crazy and then let go,
To feel that way because its you, uniquely imperfect!

Yes, the habit of seclusion is dangerous,For the one with abstractions.


I go out in nature and see that little insect,
The colorful, beautiful and playful!!
Some small and some big,
Some dark and some bright,
I wish I too could be a butterfly !They too carry the different colors,
Just like I have my different moods,
They too are carefree and restless,
Just like I urge the freedom of my soul!What I miss that the wings that they have.
Wings to hope around where ever they want,
Wings to pick and go to the  flower they love,
I wish I too could be a butterfly !

Old House

She is standing at a distance, freezing and numb
That old place is calling her, the only home she knew once.
The one she had made with dreams and hopes,
In the corner of her heart, that is now closed.

To turn back or go ahead,
Little confused she is to go in past!
Is it right? Is it wrong? To peep into some days that no more last.

Walking at a snail’s pace, she reaches near her old home,
Leaning on dusting wall and looking through stained dome.
Her thoughts are changing the length of her lips,
while memories run down from happiness to scream.

The moment of realization has blown her mind,
It was a hollow place without the one with whom it was built.
The house will retain experiences and wisdom,
Time has come to lock its door, throw the keys and move forward.

Stepping ahead for a new home with new wings,
She looked back once and turned around with moist eyes.
Her tears no more resembles the sadness of loss,
The old home remains inimitable,
but the new home is her destiny to find new horizons!

When I know It Is Right

I choose to fight when I know it is right.
Dark for you may become light for me,
Night for you may become sunrise for me,
I choose my path and fight,
As I know, for me it is right!

There will be your truth, there will be my truth;
Universal truth? Well, does not exist!
I choose my truth and fight,
As I know, for me it is right!

I seek abundance in all my sights,
Why to drag insecurities and draw lines?
I choose that brings to me happiness and smiles
As I know, for me it is right!

On my Death-bed I will be asked,
Did I live or just sailed through this little life?
To answer that question with pride,
I fight for what it is right!